İSMAKTAS head service station established in 2015 for contacting customer directly and support authroized distributors for education and maintanence. HMF head service started to work in 8500 m2 area in Gebze (which is very close to Istanbul) and ISO 9001 quality standarts

İSMAKTAŞ render service to all around Turkey to keep GENIE , TEREX ECOTEC,ULTRATREX,CHARGEUR PLUS ,AND BIGLEOPART brandes trustable image and to minimaze customers job loss.

İŞMAKTAŞ Head Service Station strongly recommend original spare part and has trained technicians several times in a year. Head service station arrange trainings regularly. This training is giving by engineers from İŞMAKTAŞ education department and from our brandes related divisions


İŞMAKTAŞ supply original spare parts to customers with Istanbul central spare part warehouse and more than 10 authorized service 

İŞMAKTAŞ spare part division, give confidence, fast solution to customers with five hundered tousand  dolar part stock incluiding 2000unit, 3.500 pieces spare parts 
İŞMAKTAŞ has an internal Service and spare part web site. Thorugh this site,,dealers can order spare parts online. 

İŞMAKTAŞ  spare part availability rate is one of the highest in the market because we prepare stock reports regularly and supply all items from italy France germany and Malaysia centreal spare part warehouses Our spare parts warehouse personel follow lastest technological investement and receive training regularly 

İŞMAKTAŞ strongly suggest using Original Spare Part for maksimum efficiency and long life